Case Studies

Dr. Wiesner Helps Reduce Floor Space, Number of Operators & Reduction in Cycle Time.


  • Customer: Tier 1 Automotive Supplier.
  • Challenge: Due to the number of processes, cycle time required to assemble & a large amount of floor space was required. So much that it was impeding on the space of the other equipment needed to produce the component.Operations involved was bush pressing, lever welding, leak testing, stud tightening, marking  with individual assembly stations and six operators time taken to assemble the component was 2 minutes. With increase in production quantity customer wants 30 second cycle time per part.
  • Solution: Because of 30 seconds cycle time and the number of processes involved, the typical cell configuration would have consisted of six individual stations with six operators can not fulfill the requirement of cycle time.. After careful review of the process requirements, Dr. Wiesner came up with a design for a six station rotary indexing machine.
  • Result: 30 seconds cycle time per part per component assembly, reduced the amount of equipment floor space needed by more than half and number of operators are reduced from 6 to 1.

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